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Ken Goldberg is a Registered Investment Adviser, a member of the Market Technicians Association, is the president and chief market strategist at TradingWithWaves Inc., and is the co-founder and chief market strategist, here, at

He has over three decades of market experience having started in the 1980s at Drexel Burnham Lambert. He spent two years at the Chicago Board Options Exchange managing a team of floor traders. After a number of years at Citicorp, Merrill Lynch International Private Bank, and Bank of America Investments, Goldberg focused his knowledge and experience on the growing day trading industry. Bandit University trained individual traders in the use of early versions of his decision support engine (DSE), to compete with professional traders.

Over the past thirty years, Goldberg has developed and released three video courses, trained over 800 active investors and day-traders, appeared on CNBC’s Power Lunch (see interview below), been interviewed by Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine, and had his training courses endorsed by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine (some can be seen below).

Ken writes a technical market commentary on individual stocks, market sectors, and stock indices at Real Money Pro and several times per week. You can read his analyses by searching his name. Once you select an article to read, you can click the “+” by his name to be alerted whenever a new analysis is posted.

In 2007, Ken used his methods to win the Q3 E-mini Index Trading contest in the World Cup Advisors Trading Championship, with +121% net performance.

Ken received his degree in psychology in 1985 from the University of Washington, where his honors thesis focused on manipulating eyewitness memory (sparking his interest in crowd behavior).

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Interview on CNBC  (June 7, 1999) where I was asked to speak “pro day trading”, and I introduced our first decision support tool the FrontRunner.

Review of our active investor/trader course as seen in Stocks and Commodities Magazine (once you click this link, scroll below the magazine’s advertisement to reach the article.

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Interview after winning the World Cup Trading Championship.

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