DSE IMPACT Testimonies

Members speak up about DSE Trading and our services.

“…So this year is going a lot better.  The money that I have made feels like a reward for making good decisions.  There is one prediction that I can make, though. I will spend less time watching financial channels and more time taking my daughter to the park:) Thank’s DSE and Ken, this has been eye opening and life changing for us!

Jeffrey M., DSE Trader member

“…actually, serious question: you have made so many right calls. (i mean you called the bottom on Chipotle almost exactly, and it’s way up since) why not just use this information to trade for your own account? I’d imagine that doing so would make you a very rich man. (although I’m sure many individual investors are happy you’re sharing your intel.)”

-Ross S.  NY junior editor for thestreet.com

 DSE LIVE TRADING & DVD has taught me to stop my emotional trading. I had 2 over sized positions causing anxiety. So I have closed half in both (short FSLR, long BOIL) at small profit trade repair, no panic, use DSE. Thanks sooooooo much!!!…

” Bob S, PRO Trader member

“DSE is the best thing that ever happened to my trading career!”

John F. LIVE Trader member

I love and appreciate all the hard work you guys provide.  I was out of town last week and out of the office Monday and quickly realized how much value you provide not only on an economic level, but an emotional level.  The tweets were able to still keep me in the game and provide comfort that I wasn’t going to come back to damage control.  It’s been fun being part of something that is growing and positive with other traders.  The knowledge and confidence I’ve gained leaves me forever grateful.

Thanks for everything and best of karma to you,

Brett Reiss CFP® Brett Envision Wealth Planning, LLC

“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thrilled I am with your service.  It has been life-changing and the final piece of the trading puzzle I needed…please pass along my thanks to Ken – he is a superstar – a true trading giant! God Bless – Makin’ Friends and Makin’ Money,

John F , LIVE Trader member

“…the recordings from Live Trading Room are beyond value for reviewing and gleaning detailed understandings.  You say a lot more than I hear the first time through :-).  I’m hooked on your DSE and your trading philosophy, they  make so much sense…

Vince R, LIVE Trader member

“I have been a live trading member for one free week and another week in December through today. During that time your advice and coaching has helped me gain back the $20,000 I had lost in the last two years of emotional trading on my own…Thanks for being humble and very generous and entertaining to teach all of us trading

.- Robert S., DSE member

“I found you where Yahoo ( I think) referred to your TheStreet article on “Jaws of Death” on Dec 21st at 2 AM when I could not sleep, signed up for free week right then, what’s to lose? and have not regretted it one minute. Every dollar and minute worth 100 times more!”

Bob S., member 

I absolutely love the work you do and your great insight…

“- Jeremy Y., member