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For investors and traders wanting scheduled, weekly, private guidance on their individual portfolio, and skill development with detailed analysis. Join our 40 minutes of personal coaching here for a special savings over the regular price of $600 for 30 minutes. Add this bundle to any DSE Membership.

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  • Four 10 minute sessions
  • Detailed analysis
  • Follow-up recording to follow at your own pace
  • Trading “mindset” coaching to develop the mentality of successful traders

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Listen here as Bob shares his private coaching experience.

I have been a Live Trading member for two weeks now. During that time, your advice and coaching have helped me gain back the $20,000 I had lost in the last two years of emotional trading on my own and 15 months of following other Elliott Wave recommendations. Your coaching has benefited me so much more.

Robert S. , Live Trader member

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60 minutes – $1,000

Topics of personal discussion often range from life-event planning, portfolio structuring, exercising corporate stock options, answers to specific buy/sell/hold questions, or anything else that requires financial discretion

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Private Coaching terms and payment information.

  • After subscribing, schedule a weekly time slot four (4) times monthly from the Book Now button
  • Subscriptions, via PayPal, are automatically-recurring, monthly billings
  • It will appear as “Six Thirteen Holdings, Inc.” on your account
  • If you ever cancel, then return, you will be billed at the then-current rate.