DSE’s “Live Market Trading Room”

Our most popular flagship bundle gives clients everything from above, and adds the experience of accessing Ken’s DSE analysis in the live Trading Rooms for 75 minutes every morning, Here, clients with the desire for real-time analysis and forecasts, have the ability to dialogue directly with Ken, as well as benefit from the Q&A from other members, on all topics covered in real time. This service is powerful and essential to the Intraday Trader seeking an edge. Additionally, access is only provided in this bundle on every blog post; Ken has published since May ’08, in his Tradingwithwave.com (TWW) blog. We have added mid-day and weekend coverage of Ken’s full daily analysis with Alerts trader (via twitter). We keep adding value for your benefit by giving members a one-time complimentary live recorded coaching session directly with Ken on any topic desired. Customer care is again increased with same hour phone and email service. If you have between $50,000 and $5,000,000 in the market, in taxable or retirement accounts, this bundle puts you elbow to elbow with Ken, at your service and trading benefits.

If you enjoy the analysis and forecasts we publish for TheStreet.com, RealMoney.com, and WaveBOOM, you will really love what we do in our live-market Trading Room sessions.  Ken runs a core group of stocks, stock indices, and futures markets through the DSE several times per day, also taking members’ stock picks for real-time DSE analysis, as well as answers real time questions that members may have on their minds.

Join the fun, friendly, and collaborative environment and see how “objective” decision support can help you improve the outcomes in your trading or investing by minimizing emotions and ego.  Learn how the market broadcasts its intentions on where it wants to go, and how you can get in sync with its messages.

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