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   Are fear and greed driving your investment decisions?

Managing money can be stressful and confusing as there are so many ways to look at the market and individual stock performance. It’s hard to make sense of what and when to buy, sell or hold? With DSE Trading, our decision support engine can help add clarity to your investment choices and provide a new way of looking at what is happening in the markets, especially during turbulent times. Our trading methodologies track crowd sentiment and mood swings, which can provide an objective analysis of the stock markets based on patterns over time. We have found that history repeats itself no matter what the fundamentals show.  Take advantage of our unique system and services that provide objective, price-driven information, tools, and coaching, and take back control of your financial decisions.

DSE Services:

Live Trader with Alerts

For investors and traders demanding real-time advanced entry/exit and risk management, with DSE Alerts in the daily DSE Live-Market Trading Rooms… Learn More

Pro Trader with Alerts

For active investors and traders interested in advanced entry/exit, risk management, with time constraints to our live-market Trading Room, but need our DSE Alerts… Learn More

Pro Trader

For active investors and traders interested in advanced entry/exit, risk management, with time constraints to our live-market Trading Room, and don’t need DSE Alerts… Learn More

Pro Coaching

For investors and traders wanting scheduled, weekly, private guidance on their individual portfolio, and skill development. Find Out More

Free Trial Membership

Get a FREE 10-day trial Membership of LIVE TRADER with Alerts, our premier membership service. Benefit from decades of lessons and trading insights and learn how to spot opportunities based on “the mood” of the market.

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W5 Weekend July 22-25th

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DSE Impact

“I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thrilled I am with your service.  It has been life-changing and the final piece of the trading puzzle I needed. Please pass along my thanks to Ken – he is a superstar – a true trading giant! God Bless – Makin’ Friends and Makin’ Money,

–John F , Live Trader member

“Ken and justin,  love and appreciate all the hard work you guys provide.  I was out of town last week and out of the office, Monday and quickly realized how much value you provide not only on an economic level but an emotional level.  The tweets were able to still keep me in the game and provide comfort that I wasn’t going to come back to damage control.  It’s been fun being part of something that is growing and confident with other traders.  The knowledge and confidence I’ve gained leaves me forever grateful. Thanks for everything and best of karma to you.”                                                                                                                                       Brett Envision Wealth Planning, LLC

Brett Reiss CFP®

“Over the last couple of months, through daily Live Trading Room sessions, and private coaching with Ken, “the” DSE is increasingly becoming “my DSE. The last week of April is a great example as I turned a 10% loser into a 3% winner; I went from a $31,000 loss to a $9,100 gain.  I am looking forward to the future, after my results in the 2nd quarter: 18 trades with 15 winners from 2%-18%, 2 losers at 1%, and 1 breakeven. Thank’s Ken and DSE.”

      Allen T. Live Trader Member

“I found you when Yahoo Finance published to your TheStreet.com article on the “Jaws of Death” (Dec. 21st at 2 AM, when I could not sleep). I signed up for the 10-day free trial right then, and have not regretted it one minute. Every dollar and minute worth 100 times more!”

–Bob S.,Live Trader member

DSE Analysis

About Ken

Ken Goldberg is a Registered Investment Adviser, member of the Market Technicians Association, is the president and chief market strategist at TradingWithWaves, Inc., and is the co-founder and chief market strategist, here, at DSEtrading.com.

He has over three decades of market experience having started in the 1980s at Drexel Burnham Lambert. He spent two years at the Chicago Board Options Exchange managing a team of floor traders. Learn More

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DSE IMPACT Testimonies Members speak up about DSE Trading and our services. "...So this year is going a lot better.  The money that I have made feels like a reward for making good decisions.  There is one prediction that I can make, though. I will spend less time...

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Wednesday: Mylan’s Mistake…making money?

August 24, 2016 - 1:46 pm | WaveBOOM While the CNBC cheerleaders are pointing to the epipen price hike in the past years as the reason the price has fallen 10% this week, let’s get a grip on reality for a moment, and the leave the hype-media to the presidential...

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Friday: BMY/MRK…news or noise?

August 5, 2016 - 12:11 pm | WaveBOOM While the pundits will all tell you they predicted the BMY surprise and knew MRK would benefit, objectively speaking, they’re both sells here, as consolidations are needed. BMY is just the first to have found “the news that...

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Friday: Saddle Up With Sanchez Energy

  July 14, 2016 - 11:12 pm | WaveBOOM When most investors think of ways to make money from the rally in crude oil, which has taken prices from the mid-20’s to the low 50’s since February, names like XOM, CVX, and HAL are the first to roll off our tongues. And, rightly...

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