Ken's LMTR Trade Navigator Settings

Contact for our TN file with Genesis support to bring your system along side ours.

Trade Navigator Software package and exchange fees break out.

  1. GO TO:
  2. Click on: Red “Download Now” button.
  3. Click on: “continue shopping”
  4. Click on: MARKET DATA from menu bar.
  5. Click on: “Add To Cart” for- Streaming Futures with Real-Time Forex & Indices Data $119.
  6. Click on: “Select Exchanges” button.
  7. Click on:  “Add To Cart” for- Non-Pro US Stocks Real-Time Access NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ $25 (Includes 9$ service fee.)-
  8. Click on:  Cart Icon at top right corner “cart(3)”
  9. Click on: “Checkout” button, and make payment to receive account login credentials.
  10. Log in and select “Sign Genius’s Trade Agreement. sign and return. tn 5
  11. Contact: Don with tech support at 719-884-0245 for set up or download issues.
  12. Contact: support2dsetrading for Chart Templates and Page layout folder files.


Live Market Trading Room Chart Setting for Trade Navigator

Kens_DSE_Chart_Layout cropedRequest setting files for your TN platform from after your purchase with Genesis Financial Technologies

  1. Monthly bars
  2. Weekly bars
  3. Daily bars  settings: StoksK=14, slow=3, D=3
  4. 478-minute bars
  5. 122-minute bars
  6. 31-minute candlesticks
  7. 8-minute bars
  8. 1-minute bars
  9. 360-minute bars for crude futures:   QM-057
  10. 360-minute bars for euro futures:     E7-57
  11. 360-minute bars for gold futures:     GC3-57
  12. 360-minute bars for silver futures:   Si3-057
  13. 120-minute bars for AGQ ETF
  14. 120-minute bars for TZA ETF
  15. Quote board for most scanned symbols