Major Market KCharts w/ ETF Trade Ladders Homepage

Monthly, Weekly and Daily KChart are available to all No.1-6 DSE Memberships         Ladders pages are limited to No. 5 members only

US Stock Indices / TBonds

 S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, DJIA, VIX and TBonds

Key Markets

Energies, Metals, Semi’s, Banking, Housing and Bio-Tech Indexes


Euro, US-Dollar, Canadian, Aussie, British Pound, J-Yen, Swiss Frank

Major Markets Live Ladder Room

Access Live Recordings of the Ladder Trade Room

Ladder Tutorials

ETFand Stock Picks Trade Ladder tutorial slides

DSE Ladder Service:  Watch and hear how Ken uses the DSE to analyze major market indices, stocks, stock sectors, commodities, metals, and currencies, as well as ETF’s on all of the above, to set up the entry and exit ladders (multiple entry and exit plans) each day. In addition, he teaches how to risk-manage each entry so winners don’t become losers. Hear his thinking about allocating capital into ladder “rungs” to take advantage of DSE’s probability-ranked forecasts, so the highest confidence signals get the largest share of capital, where the biggest bang for your buck is expected. The DSE Ladder Service runs approximately 20 to 30 min, with the recorded version posted by end of each trading day for play-by-play review at your own pace. This is the ultimate way to be prepared for coming days, weeks, and months. Regardless of whether you attend live or view the recording, you’re ahead of the crowd.