No. 2 LIVE Trader Service

Bundle Components Included:

Live Market Trading Room >> these sessions run from 11:45 am -12 pm EST with real-time analysis of the Major Market Indices, US Stocks, Key Commodities, World Markets and Currencies with live market Q&A chat room. Get your stock and ETF questions answered and reviewed.

DSE Private Alert >> for Intra-day reports, market trading conditions tweeted directly to you when it matters the most; NOW. capitalize on the twice daily SP-500 market specific 31-min SPX DSE Trading Chart Analysis for intra-day buy/sell zones and decision point swing moves. ( these charts are posted daily on the SPX Intra-day Alerts service included in this bundle.

Daily Recordings >> of the regularly run “Live Market Trading Room” session for study and review of the Major Markets and Stock described on the right at your convenience. (Sample of Friday, April 29, 2016)

KChart Pro Analysis:>> Use these custom drawn, regularly adjusted daily, weekly, and monthly bar charts for technical analysis with Ken’s decision point buy/sell zone forecast. See below for stock and major markets coverage details. Includes some Intra-day Market analysis time frames @ 31, 122, and 478-minute time frames. (Sample DSE Trading Charts)

“I  love and appreciate all the hard work you guys provide.  I was out of town last week and out of the office, Monday and quickly realized how much value you provide not only on an economic level but an emotional level.  The tweets were able to still keep me in the game and provide comfort that I wasn’t going to come back to damage control.  It’s been fun being part of something that is growing and confident with other traders.  The knowledge and confidence I’ve gained leaves me forever grateful. Thanks for everything and best of karma to you.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 Brett Envision Wealth Planning, LLC.

Brett Reiss CFP®,  LIVE Trader member 

LIVE Trader

Only $299/mo

Daily Live Market Trading Room (LMTR) sessions from 11:45 am – 12 pm EST for active traders and investors focused on the major market analysis using DSE generated entry/exit and risk management strategies assisting w/ DSE Intraday Alerts service and it’s on-demand recording posted one hour after its midday session.

Daily Major Market Analysis includes (all bundles)

US Stock Indexes: Dow, S&P 500, SPX -  Nasdaq, NQ - Russell 2000, RUT, IWM - DJIA - Emini Futures, TBonds, ZB, TLT - VIX.

Commodities: Crude Oil, Nat.Gas, Gold, Copper, Soybeans - Wheat - Cotton, Coffee , Live Cattle, Corn -Sugar

Currencies: Euro, E7 - US Dollar, DX - Canadian $, WC - Aussie $, WD - J-Yen J7 - British Pound, BP - Swiss Frank, SF - Chinese Yuan, CBY.

World Markets: Semi-Conductors, $SOX - Gold/Silver $XAU - Bio-Tech's $BTK - Banking $BKX - Philadelphia Housing $HGX


Ken's published articles at and Real Money Pro, with DSE's WaveBoom blog articles.


Learning / Training

DSE learning tools, terminology, methodology, online videos and tutorials with DSE component Videos. Learn the psychology of our Decision Support Engine to help in making your objective investment decisions


DSE Bundles

Our DSE analysis is captured daily and made available for use through membership bundles with a variety of service options and price levels. Use the big green button for a quick comparison. Click over the icons for more detailed information.

No. 1 DSE Trader Bundle

For active trader/investors focused on the DSE Major Market analysis with on-demand LMTR recordings.

No. 2 LIVE Trader Bundle

Live Market Trading Rooms run daily from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm EST incl. DSE Intraday Alerts service and recordings.

No. 3 LADDER Trader Bundle

Savvy trader/investors using advanced DSE Ladders for generating entry/exit & risk management positions.

Additional Services

Use these powerful, custom services as add-ons to any membership, or as a standalone service by itself.

DSE Alerts (twitter)

DSE Alerts brings the intra day market conditions and setups with ongoing analysis from Ken's  live DSE commentary.

Weekly Coaching

10-min weekly "live room" sessions for accountability with Ken Goldberg, applying his 30 years trading experience. 

Trade Consulting

Trade consulting anytime with this premier anytime call-in service, leveraging Ken's 30 years trading experience.