DSE Private Coaching

Gain mentorship and confidence with one-on-one individual trade assessment. These weekly 10 min. sessions are mid-week, directly after the Live Market Trading Room Tuesday-Thursday. Feel free to ask for coaching references, and talk directly with a current and or past member, and discover their breakthroughs.
email support@dsetrading.com

Weekly Coaching Add-on Service

For investors and traders wanting scheduled, weekly, private guidance on their individual portfolio, and skill development with detailed analysis. Join our 40 minutes of personal coaching here for special savings over the regular price of $600 for 30 minutes.

Each month you receive the following:

  • Four 10 minute sessions
  • Detailed analysis
  • Follow-up recording to follow at your own pace
  • Trading “mindset” coaching to develop the mentality of successful traders

 After payment is made, Schedule Your Appointments here

Listen here as Bob shares his private coaching experience

I have been a Live Trading member for two weeks now. During that time, your advice and coaching have helped me gain back the $20,000 I had lost in the last two years of emotional trading on my own and 15 months of following other Elliott Wave recommendations. Your coaching has benefited me so much more.
Robert S., Live Trader member

DSE Bundles

Our DSE analysis is captured daily and made available for use through membership bundles with a variety of service options and price levels. Use the big green button for a quick comparison. Click over the icons for more detailed information.

No. 1 DSE Trader Bundle

For active trader/investors focused on the DSE Major Market analysis with on-demand LMTR recordings.

No. 2 LIVE Trader Bundle

Live Market Trading Rooms run daily from 11:45 am to 1:00 pm EST incl. DSE Intraday Alerts service and recordings.

No. 3 LADDER Trader Bundle

Savvy trader/investors using advanced DSE Ladders for generating entry/exit & risk management positions.

Additional Services

Use these powerful, custom services as add-ons to any membership, or as a standalone service by itself.

DSE Alerts (twitter)

DSE Alerts brings the intra day market conditions and setups with ongoing analysis from Ken's  live DSE commentary.

Weekly Coaching

10-min weekly "live room" sessions for accountability with Ken Goldberg, applying his 30 years trading experience. 

Trade Consulting

Trade consulting anytime with this premier anytime call-in service, leveraging Ken's 30 years trading experience.