“I have been a Live Trading member for two weeks now. During that time, your advice and coaching have helped me gain back the $20,000 I had lost in the last two years of emotional trading on my own and 15 months of following other Elliott Wave recommendations. Your coaching has benefited me so much more, and I am now back to even. So I can’t express in words how much I appreciate the help you have provided me. As a thank you, and a tip for my teacher and esteemed coach, I am buying the DVD Course. Thanks for being humble and very generous and entertaining to teach all of us trading.– Robert S. DSE Live Trader  member

Private Weekly Coaching makes a difference!  Bob Spare understood the difference and took the massive action required to accomplish and overcome his past state of loss. “No Coach, No Trophy” is one way to look at achievement, no matter what endeavor.  We have designed this service for the professional trader who not only needs ongoing detailed analysis, but also a clear objective mindset as well. Trading is not for the faint at heart. It’s a real, mental game with tough players. Pro Coaching provides sound weekly analysis, and “mindset” coaching that’s required for success in the arena. We don’t just answer a call, we meet you in a live-trading room, where Ken brings you his trading screen, and 30 years of trench warfare, to direct laser-guided answers to your questions, with detailed and recorded analysis that you need to win. Then, we send you the recording for review at your own pace.  See how to leave the limiting beliefs of the trading game behind, and let us help you in your pursuit of trading for a living. Whether you are a LIVE TRADER member or another of our clients, take hold of your game, and bring it to a whole new level.  We want what you want; SUCCESS!  Give yourself the gift of change, and you’ll be surprised what can happen. JOIN NOW!

LISTEN HERE: as Bob shares his experience on a live coaching call.

  • We have discounted our standard coaching rates (normally $600 for 30 min.) to $499.95 for 40 min.
  • You will receive four 10 min. sessions per month.
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