Tutorial on entering an Any Meeting conference call webinar.


When you enter your meeting you are provided the choice of using Computer Audio or the Telephone.  When you choose Telephone you are provided with this pop-up:

This has your call-in number, Access Code and Audio PIN that is exclusive to you only.

Make sure that you use your Audio PIN when calling in to a meeting.  This is assigned uniquely to each caller. Until you Pair with your Audio PIN, you will see the yellow triangle on your phone icon and be unable to mute and unmute yourself if the meeting calls for it:

Once you use your Audio PIN, you will be able to manage how you are muted and unmuted if the meeting is in such a Mode:

Your Presenter will insist that all of their callers use the Audio PIN.  You can find this information again by going to:

  1. Click Audio Options at the top of the screen.
  2. This will will display the call-in information including your exclusive Audio PIN.

If you do not use the Audio PIN and the meeting is in Listen Only Mode and change to Q & A Mode, you will be able to use *6 to unmute youeself but you will not be able to mute again except by pressing the Mute button on your phone.  You may disrupt the meeting.