W6 – The Dallas Recordings

W6 Dallas Weekend Workshop – Four Part Series Recordings

  • Systemic Financial Interruptions: 2007-2009 and 1930-1932
  • Are bank closures coming to America?
  • What is a safe bank? Is yours safe? What to do if it’s not.
  • What is a safe insurance company?
  • Are all Money Market Funds equal? Are any risk-free? Which ones to choose.
  • Is moving money overseas appropriate?
  • The fallacy of TINA (There Is No Alternative) regarding stock investment
  • How to increase the safety of your “safe” money
  • The fallacy of the one-way real estate market. Where are we now?

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Thoughts from our W6 Dallas Workshop in September 2016 on Surviving Systemic Financial Disruptions, Salvaging your Pension, and what to do with Cash, Gold, and Stocks for Protection and Preservation.  Asset Allocation, Trade Management, and Ladder Trading.

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Questions Answered in Surviving Systemic Financial Interruption

  • Are Cycles in the Markets real: change is imminent?
  • Why we can see “bubbles”: life cycles, examples in Japan ?
  • Why NASA and another smart guy track Sunspot cycles?
  • When do recessions and stock market crashes typically occur?
  • Examples of DJIA and Nikkei market bubbles?
  • Can cycles be forecasted and benefitted from?
  • How to recognize cycles in markets (tops and bottoms)?
  • What do Euphoria and Depression mean to financial market risk?
  • Projecting recessions in the stock markets
  • Why are we not hearing about a down cycle?
  • Is your bank among the largest US Banks most exposed to derivatives, and why you should know?
  • Ranking the strongest large banks in America.
  • Are Treasuries at risk?
  • Finding out what a true “100% US Treasury Money Market Fund” is about
  • Where does a risk manager go with his safe money?
  • Who “broke the buck” in the 2008 crash
  • Understanding your Pension Plan details to receive what you’re owed