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If you’re looking for a way to take emotions out of your financial decisions, act more objectively, and not be a slave to the manipulated news releases… WE GOT YOU!
We operate with brutal candor, complete objectivity, and have no conflict of interest with you and your money. We built our proprietary DSE system for people that want to control their investments, rather than being controlled by them, while having a champion trader on your team to coach you through the good and the bad times in the markets.
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Over the past thirty five years, Ken has trained over 1000 active investors and traders. He has been interviewed by Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine. His training courses have been endorsed by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine. His work in behavioral finance, Socionomics, and the herding behavior of crowds has led him to lecture at UNC Chapel Hill, and Seattle University School of Business. Ken is also a consultant to attorneys, business owners, and entrepreneurs  regarding futuring,  and pop culture trends.


Ken provides perspectives not found anywhere else, starting before the opening bell. We also have memberships that include recordings and charts. Throughout the day, Ken tweets private PowerAlerts® that are highly actionable. We offer Private Coaching and periodic seminars throughout the year. DSE has all the tools needed to be a successful investor.


Whether you are new to investing or an elite trader, DSE provides the clarity to make sound decisions. Our memberships start at less than $5 a day!

About the DSE

Ken Goldberg is a Registered Investment Advisor, past member of the Chartered Market Technicians Association, and former #1 read contributor at TheStreet.
After starting in the 1980s at then-powerhouse investment banking firm Drexel Burnham Lambert, Ken spent years at the Chicago Board Options Exchange learning risk management from the best traders in the world, and managing a team of floor traders. That led him to Citicorp, Merrill Lynch International Private Bank (Singapore), and Bank of America Investments. Late in the 1990’s, Ken changed the focus of his experience and knowledge to focus on the growing day trading and active trader industry, which CNBC highlighted when they invited him on their show.
In 2007, Ken used his methods to win the 3rd Quarter E-mini Trading contest in the World Cup Advisors Trading Championship with +121% net growth; a performance that had never been seen in the prior two decades of the championship. Since then, he’s used the DSE to start and sell three hedge funds, and now advises active market enthusiasts on all aspects of speculation and risk management.

DSE in The Media

Mania Blooms

“Sell in May and regret the day” or “Sell in May and go away”? These are not only the two biggest questions of the current time, but also could be the biggest questions of ALL TIME. This exact dilemma also faced investors exactly 13 years ago, as the May of 2008 rally created its own “failure to exceed the prior all-time high (Oct. 2007). This time, as the herd hopes and prays for the 2022 initial, but not final, crash to be bailed out by another Federal Reserve program, we face a few years of the steepest declines of the past century, as there’s never been a simultaneous mania in stocks, real estate, crypto, and leverage. Our DSE algos suggest that it’s time to pay the piper, and we all better buckle up for a wild ride lower into mid-decade, where the buying opportunity of a lifetime will be presented. We at DSE are uniquely prepared to maneuver through roller coaster rides like what appears to be just starting, and are here to team up with you to highlight the turns, dangers, and opportunities that most are not even prepared to consider.

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I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thrilled I am with your service. It has been life-changing and the final piece of the trading puzzle I needed. Ken Goldberg is a superstar. A true trading giant!
John F.

Gibsonia, PA

I found you when Yahoo Finance sent me to your articles. I signed up for the free trial right then and have not regretted it one minute. Every dollar and minute worth 100 times more!
Bob S.

Pennsburg, PA

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