Decision Support Engine (DSE)

Because humans are driven by emotion (governed by our ego), objectivity is a hard perspective for most of us to reach, let alone maintain. DSE Trading provides a framework in which objectivity, in its simplest form, can be applied to financial decision making.

The DSE uses hunter/seeker algorithms that search for historical, pattern recognition relationships (If-Then correlations), and probability-ranks the outcomes that might follow the current conditions.  Our code is truth, above political correctness. We say what we mean, and mean what we say. No exceptions!  Don’t ask a question that you don’t want an honest answer to.  Our focus is objectivity, discipline, and defense, not dollars.  Our products and services offer our members the opportunity to turn decades of lessons (through our trials and errors about that to do, as well as what not to do, in nearly every environment) into days of learning.

We begin with the premise that the mood of the crowd swings like a pendulum between mania and depression (at all degrees of trend, as they are all fractals of each other, and of the whole). Neither of these sentiment extremes are sustainable. Like a pendulum that slows its rise, as it nears the extreme of its swing, freezing for a moment in time and space (the phase shift) before reversing directions toward the opposing extreme, the same happens with the crowd’s certainty about the future.  Just before a rally peaks, reverses, then falls, or a decline troughs, reverses, then rises, an extreme in crowd sentiment can often be detected by the DSE.  Our system warns of looming phase shifts (trend reversals), allowing us to anticipate the next move of an index, stock, or commodity, usually before the shift begins.  Once a DSE signal is triggered, we use our laddered entry protocol to position in front of the anticipated trend reversal, rather than remain in the herd’s intoxication with the aging movement, at the point of likely termination.

While our approach pays homage to Fibonacci mathematics and Elliott Wave Theory (EWT), which track and forecast financial market movements based on herding behavior and crowd psychology, these are only a fraction of the numerous inputs that the DSE uses to form its objective forecasts. Since EWT and Fibonacci are the only market theories, that we are aware of, that have meaningful predictive value, they augment our proprietary decision support engine in a way that allows insight into the longevity of the current trend. When used in combination, these tools form the system that allows us to objectively probability-rank future outcomes, based on what has historically happened in the markets, under similar conditions, for the past 100+ years.

Given the changes that have come through the “machining” of the markets, manipulation of system to benefit those “too big to fail”, and conflicts of interests that have grown between the financial industry, media, and investing public, a “leveling of the playing field” is needed to have any chance of wealth preservation and growth.

Welcome to DSE Trading!