Choose The Right Membership Level For You

Each one of our Membership levels is designed for a specific type of investor. The Basic membership will help get you familiar with our products and assist a 401k account holder. The Investor is for people who execute a dozen or more actions a year and usually have a portfolio of $50k or more. The serious investor will want one of our two Trader memberships, Live and Elite. Best for investors with a $100k to $10m or more portfolio, this brings the information to you in real time.  The Elite Trader also includes Private Coaching with Ken.

If you want to upgrade or need help in deciding which level best suits your needs, call our support team at (800) 689-4090 or write us at


  • For a person with any portfolio size or 401k account holder
  • Executes 5-10 actions per year


Looking for a way to get familiar with the investment world or make simple buy and sell decisions, the Basic membership may work for you. You will have access to The Daily DSE, which will include a daily market summary, a PowerAlert and PowerChart of the day, and a clip from The Live Trading Room. At about 67 cents a day, you’ll get a strong overview of what DSE is about and what products you may be interested in. We will also have the first look at PowerReads every couple of weeks. A Weekly Takeaway video will highlight a hot market topic with DSE’s unique insight.



  • For investors with a $50k to $250k portfolio and/or a 401k account
  • Executes 3-5 actions per quarter


This membership is designed for more active investors that want to add risk management to their toolbox. In addition to all products in The Daily DSE, you will get two of our Premiere products: Full access to our daily 75-minute Trading Room Recording (not just a clip) and our PowerCharts®. You also will receive the most recent PowerReads® from Ken and our archives. The Investor membership will lay the groundwork for you to gain a solid understanding of the investment world.



  • For an investor with a portfolio of between $100k and $500k and/or a 401k account
  • Executes 3-5 actions per month


The Live Trader membership is our Signature Product. For experienced investors interested in advanced entry/exit, risk management, and trade repair techniques, you’re entering the world of real-time information. Along with everything available to the Investor member, you get three more Premiere Products: Our Live Trading Room with the ability to ask Ken questions in real time, PowerAlerts® delivered many times during the market day, and the Ladder Room.



  • Traders with $250k to $10m+ portfolios and/or 401k accounts
  • Executes 10+ actions per month


This is another significant upgrade to our packages for very active traders. With this membership you will develop autonomous analysis and risk management skills. The Elite Trader includes ALL of our Premiere products and this is the only category with weekly Private Coaching sessions with Ken included. You will also get 10% off of all our in-person seminars potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per session.


Real-Time Updates

Get DSE PowerAlerts® delivered daily to keep up on the changes in the market and what they mean to you.


Get the information you need, when you need it, with On-Demand Private Coaching sessions.


DSE PREMIERE PRODUCTS (PowerCharts®, Live Trading Room and Recordings, PowerAlerts®, Ladder Room Recordings, Weekly Private Coaching with Ken)
PowerAlerts® can be added to BASIC and INVESTOR memberships for $399.95/month
WEEKLY PRIVATE COACHING and PRIVATE ON-DEMAND COACHING can be added at anytime. Time is limited so contact DSE Support via email at or toll free at (800) 689-4090 for availability and pricing.

*Per day pricing is based on an average 30 days per month. DSE is dark an average of 12 days a year as well as during the last two weeks of the calendar year. Monthly fees can be discounted for Trader memberships only when paying in three-month increments. Contact DSE Support via email at or toll free at (800) 689-4090. Prices are subject to change.

**THE DAILY DSE is where all our members enter our site and encompasses the Basic membership. On most trading days, we will post a summary of the market and financial news, articles from Ken and Chief Operating Officer Bill Kaczaraba, an Action Alert from Ken, an Action Chart from our continuously updated selection, a highlight from our Live Trading Room, and a weekly analysis video from Ken. THE DAILY DSE is a place where people get to know our products and gives you needed information when you are ready to upgrade.