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DSE Basic

Members of our Basic service are those investors and traders that might only buy or sell a few times a month or quarter, and want to better understand what has been happening in various market indices, sectors, Bitcoin and Dollar and Euro, crude and nat. gas, gold and silver, and even popular stocks (FANG, BIOTECHS, etc.), AND, even more importantly, peek into what is about to happen, as seen through the OBJECTIVE algorithms of our DSE model. Each Monday and Thursday morning, posted by 430a EST, Ken posts the probability ranked forecasts for the next 6 days to 6 months (sometimes even longer) in detailed, graphic illustrations not seen anywhere else. As you watch and listen, you will see and learn a few of DSE’s indicators (those easily shown on charts) to apply to your own analyses, which you can always double check with Ken in one of our coaching options (Click COACHING below for more info).


DSE Deluxe

Members of our Deluxe service are those investors and traders that want constant input about what markets are doing, and what the probability ranked forecasts are for the next 6 hours to 6 days. In addition to the Monday and Thursday videos, our private twitter feed constantly updates you with wide ranging information on market momentum, breadth, sentiment extremes, Elliott Wave pattern development, Fibonacci  retracement and extension targets, time cycle targets, and socionomic implications for markets, interest rates, the economy, and even popular cultural trends. THIS IS LIKE SITTING NEXT TO KEN IN HIS TRADING ROOM ALL DAY LONG (and late into most evenings, as he has been known to trade and post until midnight).