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One of the unique opportunities that DSE provides is the chance to work with Ken one-on-one. You can ask your specific questions in a one-time session or speak with him on a regular basis.



Exclusive one-on-one weekly sessions where, for 10 minutes at a regular time on a regular day, you and Ken meet in a private AnyMeeting room and view his screen as he answers your personalized questions, about anything you can think of. Make use of his 30-years of experience.  Just $750/month

In our Weekly Private Coaching sessions, most investors plan their ten minute window with Ken. (You can cover a lot of ground in ten minutes.)

Many times, the most effective way to use your initial session is to create a list of questions in order of priority. That way you get answers to your most important topics first. If you find that you were able to get the advice to your critical questions, your other inquires may be able to wait. If you find yourself in a situation where more detail is vital, you might opt for a longer session using On-Demand Coaching.

Private On-Demand Coaching

For use at any time. Minutes roll over so you can take advantage of multiple sessions.

The highest value DSE offers is On-Demand Coaching. Usually the On-Demand Coaching is for investors with large portfolios or people who need immediate answers.

In an industry where moments matter, you might not have the luxury to wait for the next opening in Ken’s schedule.

After you purchase your time, DSE Support will contact you to set up your appointment with Ken. Call for more information, (206) 717-5020.